Punch List Power BI Report

The Problem

Our Client used the punch list tool very heavily to manage deficiencies on their projects. They had 1000s of recorded deficiencies on a single project. It quickly became very challenging to manage all the deficiencies and ensure data integrity. Our client wanted to quickly be able to see and filter deficiencies based on status, type and location. The standard Procore reporting tool was not good enough. It was limiting, slow, and visually not appealing. Additionally, the filter function in the punch list tool required a lot of manual filtering. Our client also didn’t have access to the Procore Analytics Tool and wanted a solution that doesn’t require it

The Solution

After evaluation of multiple reporting tool, we decided that Power BI is the appropriate tool to be used. The report needed to also be updated automatically and be directly connected to Procore. To solve this, we created a cloud hosted applications that connects Procore to Power BI. The application connects and pull data from Procore using its API access point and provide the data to Power BI. The power BI reports refreshes daily and also can be refreshed manually if needed.