Excel Financial Reports

The Problem

Our Client wanted to bring their financial data to Excel. This was due to their very customized periodic reporting requirements. The custom report Tool Procore offers was simply not good enough. And the once a day refresh limit Procore analytics tool offer was a deal breaker. There was often data clean up required when these reports are generated which meant that our client needed to be able to refresh the data on demand. Our client’s way around this was download CSV spreadsheet and manually import it to excel which was not efficient.

The Solution

To solve this problem for our client, we decided that we needed to build a tool that links Procore to Excel. The tool needed to be accessible from multiple spreadsheets and it needed to be secure. We also decided not to rely on the Procore analytics tool and to use Procore API so the tool can refresh data on demand. The final product was a cloud hosted application that connects Procore to Excel and authenticate the connection to ensure our client’s financial data is secure. With there solution, our client was able to update their financial excel reports with a click of a button. Eliminating the need to go digging for data in Procore and bring it back to Excel