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Procore Integration Specialists

Harvest the most out of your Procore subscription and utilize the software to its fullest potential

About Us

We help you get the most out of Procore

We are Procore experts with extensive construction experience. We know Procore from the inside out and we can help you unleash its power and create tools that integrate with your existing IT infrastructure.

Our Services

What Services We Offer

Custom Solutions

Procore is GREAT, but sometimes you want more. We are here for you. We understand construction and what Procore can and can’t do and we will you help fill that gap by creating custom tools for you

Process Integration

We are process geeks. We will ask lots of questions to understand your process and create tools that integrate well with it so implementation doesn’t turn to a nightmare

Cloud Hosting

Often, our tools need a home. We will take care of that as we offer cloud hosting solutions as part of all our services. We also maintain our apps and monitor them for any issues

Example of Tools We Built

Power BI Integration

We will harvest your Procore Data and create all sorts of custom Power BI reports and dashboards for meaningful insight and periodic reporting.

Excel Integration

We love Excel and we know you do too. We are experts in connecting Excel to Procore and can help you get any Procore data for your fancy spread sheets.

Google Integration

Google Sheets, Google Websites, Google Slides, Google Contacts.. any thing Google. WE can hook it up to Procore.